The Universal Language

The great composer and musician, Duke Ellington said "There are two kinds of music, good music and bad music." I think the meaning behind that is, it's not WHAT or WHERE you play but HOW and WHY you play that defines the music as "good" or "bad." Contained within music is every emotion of our shared human experience. It can, at the same time, entertain and inspire you. It can be whimsical or profound, joyful or sad, often within the same composition. "Good" music comes from the heart, the mind and the body. It is emotional, it is cerebral and it is technical. It is my desire to offer my music from this perspective.

Music is the universal language.

Music is vibration.
Everything that exists is vibration.
Through music we recognize our universal connection.

Whether it is simply the joyful sound of celebration in a swinging jazz tune that inspires us to dance and move together or the primal, evocative chorus of devotional chanting (Kirtan), music connects us.

The huge spectrum and diversity of musical styles and cultures is accessible to anyone with open ears and an open heart. Through the experience of this vast offering, we can discern what moves us at our core and go more deeply into the music that brings us to a greater recognition of ourselves and our connection to all others.